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Patents Shield Ukraine, LLC

It is developed protective nakryty SHIELD for hydromassage SPA of pools.

SPA is the real luxury in the world of pools, the place for improvement, entertainment and rest.

The owner of the hydromassage pool knows that it is very expensive purchase and naturally wants to save the investments. The hydromassage pool which is established in the open air, subject to adverse effect of the sun, a rain, snow, dirt and dust. As the result, demands it constant, power - and time - expensive care of SPA by the pool. All this gradually destroys the case and a cover of hydromassage SPA of the pool and leads to expensive repair.

The SHIELD company proposes the effective solution of the specified problems in the form of protective nakrytiya of SHIELD for hydromassage SPA of pools. These a nakrytiya are made from heavy-duty polypropylene which are used by production of nakrytiya for swimming pools and aquaparks.

Everyone protective nakryty is made under the hydromassage pool individually taking into account wishes of the customer and features of the SPA installation of the pool. Nakryty Shieldizgotavlivayetsya both for protection of a cover of the hydromassage pool, and for protection of its case. Timely use a nakrytiya for hydromassage pools allows to avoid expensive cleanings, breakages and repairs.

In a warehouse of the Shild Ukraine company are always available protective a nakrytiya of SHIELD of the most popular sizes for all hydromassage SPA of pools which are on sale in the territory of Ukraine: 2,0m. x 2,0m. and 2,30m. x 2,30m. Everyone nakryty SHIELD is completed with a bag for convenient storage.


patents Shield Ukraine, LLC Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine