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Solar shower for pool 20 liters. Shield

Solar shower for pool 20 liters. Shield
  • Solar shower for pool 20 liters. Shield
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Surely many of you, the phrase "outside shower" is associated with a cumbersome rough structure with a huge black tank on the roof. These wonderful buildings of homemade production very often we meet in suburban areas or gardening partnerships with our "adult" family.

However, progress does not stand still. And to replace the volume awkward constructions come easy, elegant, modern setting. Now, a solar shower, not only does not take up much space, but also becomes an exquisite decoration of any infield or pool complex.

Advantages of modern solar shower

Modern solar installations have many advantages. We list the main ones:

1.        1.  compact and convenient for transportation;

2.        2.   Easy to assemble and quick to install;

3.        3.   undemanding maintenance and exploitation;

4.        4.  save energy and do not pollute the environment;

5.        5.  Have a long life, and modern design.

The principle of operation and design features

The design of a solar shower is very similar to the classic dacha summer shower. It is based includes high rack, the length of which varies from 2 to 2.5 meters. Stand is made of corrosion-resistant metal and often painted black. It is a kind of tank, where water collects and heated by the sun. By the way, the first time to draw water into the reservoir have not for a long time. It usually takes only 15-20 minutes of time. Then water is taken continuously and rapidly heated, ensuring a comfortable temperature in the bath.

Another important element - is a solar collector. It performs the function of water heating. Most often made of aluminum, it has good performance and is energy-saving design (i.e. saves money). Also included mixer and shower heads. Depending on the manufacturer, they may differ in size and design. Nozzles can also be made of different materials, namely, aluminum or ABS plastic "stainless". Often shower for the pool is equipped with special nozzles to rinse the feet, fastening bolts and trays.

Recommendations for installation and use

First of all, we note that a solar shower - it is at least not cunning, but the mechanism. It is better to entrust it to the assembly and installation of trust experienced specialists. It will wash avoid further manifestation of any damage or defects, as well as preserve the product warranty. There are also several other recommendations, which we recommend to adhere to:

1.       1.   Outside shower should be installed in an open and unshaded place where the sun shines most of the day.

2.        2.  The base for solar shower should be smooth and firm, to plant firmly entrenched and sloped to one side.

3.        3.  To connect the water to be used durable flexible hose capable of withstanding the pressure when water (6 kg / cm2).


For proper operation of the solar shower will serve you for years to come. The main thing right to install and maintain on a regular basis. Remember winter drained from installation to avoid tube rupture. It is also recommended to periodically clean the system from limescale special means.

Country of manufacture:China
Material:Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Information is up-to-date: 07.07.2020
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